2017 Family Promise Volunteers

On many occasions, it takes many people to serve as God’s Hands to be a blessing to others. Following are the names of those who helped to make our ministry at Community Church a safe and healthy place to be in March, June, September and December 2017.

Thank you to each one of you:

Caden Curler, Jim Curler, Linda Brinkman-Somers, Rich Brinkman-Somers, Barb Gish, Kris Groth, Pat Groth, Audrey Hamann, Aimee Jeranek, Eli Je-ranek, Hunter Jeranek, Ty Jeranek, Sherie Kruse, Gayle Morrison, Lyle Morri-son, Marilynn Orlopp, Chuck Pamperin, Joan Petersen, Hannah, Herman & Sarah Schmidt, Peggy Schmidt, Rob Schmidt, David Slinde, Nancy Slinde, Todd Vance, Amy Berken & the Women’s Ministry, Kristi Schmidt & the Youth cookie makers.

These wonderful people provided set-up and take-down, food, fellowship, and overnighters. Every person makes a difference for the women and children of Family Promise. We invite you to join this ministry in some way in 2018.