The OSLC scholarship program for Fe y Esperanza continues to be strong and growing! Our visit with the students and families in January was fun and energizing. We have students who have completed their basic education, high school and higher education. We have nine new ones who are beginning in Kindergarten. Two of these are children of the children we supported in the beginning. The cycle of life improvement continues. Thanks be to God!

During one of the days at Fe we were able to get photos of the 2019 students. You may have seen their names and faces on the El Salvador board in the narthex. We sure hope so. There are two photos of each student posted. We ask you to find yours and take a photo. That way we know you have read this letter.

For those who would like to sponsor a new student, we ask you to take a photo and write your name on the back of his or her name tag. This will enable us to track the students and the sponsors for more information to be shared.

The support amount for 2019 remains the same:
$150 for elementary grades K – 9
$300 for high school grades 10 – 12
$800 for university and the technical institute
$150 is a donation requested for the general fund for students without sponsors

A first support payment was sent to El Salvador in February; the second should be sent in June so we are requesting donations soon.

Thank you to all who have already provided their support in early 2019.
Thank you in advance to those who will be making their donation before June 1.
We are grateful to each of you for keeping this ministry alive and active.

Please use the envelope provided on the 2019 board and also available in the office. Checks are made payable to OSLC with Account 8007 on the memo line. Envelopes should be to the attention of Kelly in the church office.

For other information, contact David and Nancy at or 339-0030

We know that education empowers change. It gives individuals, families and communities hope and opportunity for a better future. Let’s make that change now for our brothers and sisters at Fe y Esperanza.

Sincerely, David & Nancy