Pastor’s Message January

Dear Friends,

Once again, kids in the church have taught me a valuable lesson about our faith. It came on the Sunday of the Sunday School Christmas Pageant, which I always consider and announce to be the best sermon of the year. They came through for us, too –sharing the scriptures which tell of Christ’s birth, taking us to the overbooked inn at Bethlehem, and finally to the stable where God came into the world. The animals sang the Good News to us and so did the Magi. It was perfect, just as we all knew it would be. The Gospel had been proclaimed to us.

It was after the 10:15 that day when I got another spectacular dose of the Gospel. The narthex was jam-packed with grown-ups and kids. Magi and angels were racing around and laughing. Shepherds giggled as they dodged through the grown-ups to a table loaded with cookies. It’s not just that the narthex was physically full, it was also filled with the sounds of joy and love. I just stood still and soaked it in.

These young ones had just told us about the joy and love which Christ brought into our world; now here they were expressing the love and joy of Christ outside the sanctuary and into the world, so to speak.

The sounds that filled the Narthex that morning were joy, excitement, hope. Those kids had gone beyond telling the story of Christ, to living out his love in real time and place. What could we adults do but soak it up and join in with them?

Now, some may conclude that it was all that sugar from cookies and lemonade that had those kids dashing and bouncing around the place. I’ll cling to the hope that it was the joy of the Lord that we were all experiencing, whether we knew it or not.

See you in church,

Pastor Darin