A Message From The Pastor

Dear friends,
My family’s vacation got off to an odd and fun start in Door County last week. Oh, we did the normal things: biking, hiking, hanging out at the beach. It was all good. But nothing can top the first full day when we found ourselves in Sister Bay, witnessing the Goat Parade! Hundreds of people gathered to watch as the goats who spend their days atop the grassy roof of Al Johnson’s famous restaurant climbed up to their elevated pasture for the first time of the summer season.

Of course, I’m always thinking of sermons, even on vacation. I realized that I was witnessing a version of Psalm 23. “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” The famous psalm depicts a sense of calm and peace, knowing that those comforts come from God; that you are safe from harm as God keeps watch.

As far as the goats are concerned, they are the only creatures in existence. There they are, high above the hubbub of the crowded streets below them. They couldn’t care less about all the humans staring at them and taking their photos. They don’t seem to hear the car horns or the humans shouting goat sounds up at them.

They know nothing but God’s peace.

Peace to you, too, this summer. May you know God’s re-creation of your spirit.

Pastior Darin