5th Grade Holy Communion Milestone

Are children younger than 5th grade welcome to The Lord’s Table? 

The church sees parents as very important faith role models for their children. On Saturday, March 17 our 5th graders along with their parents or other significant adults will have the opportunity to participate in the 5th Grade Holy Communion Milestone class. While some of the participants in the class will have begun taking communion, others will first begin.

While we have chosen 5th grade to mark this milestone in a noteworthy way, Our Savior’s recognizes that a child’s readiness to come to the Lord’s Table is best determined by parents. Each child is different and will pick up on the significance of the meal at a different time. One important indication for readiness is if your child is showing signs of feeling excluded.

As adults, we sometimes feel the need to attach qualifiers, such as age, understanding, and or faith to our ability to understand. We forget that what God requires [faith] of us in the sacrament which God also gives to us. In the meal, God comes to the recipient giving the gifts of forgiveness, life, salvation, and faith through God’s grace. How this happens is a mystery because we can’t explain how God makes it happen no matter what our age maybe.

If you would like to know more about bringing your child to the Lord’s Table please talk with Pastor Darin or Sherie.