Journey [Confirmation] ministry is a ministry that is all about helping our middle school aged youth understand the relevance of living the “L” shape of faith: Learning, Loving and Lending a hand. It’s a ministry that continues to get everyone involved in helping to shape and live a vibrant faith; youth, parent[s], mentors, pastoral staff and the congregation. That’s what oureducation  ministry is all about partnership. In partnership with one another we build and strengthen relationships with one another and with God.

Journey is held Wednesday evenings. Our time together begins with an optional event -Journey Open House. Journey Open House is a social time for the Journey kids as well as mentors before class begins. It provides an opportunity for fun, laughter, talk, even a snack, Open House is held from 6:00-6:30 pm.

Our learning and discover time happened in both large and small group. At this time Pastor Darin and myself are evaluating which curriculum will meet our needs. Whichever material we select you can be assured that it will be an innovation confirmation curriculum that will invite students to ask their toughest questions and encourage them to work together to find answers as they explore their faith and examine how to live their faith.

On more than one occasion parents as well as kids themselves have told us that they want to come to Journey. When kids want to come to Journey we know that we know we are doing something right!