The greatest influence in the lives of our children and youth growing in faith is the role of their family, parents as well as extended family and friends. How-ever as they grow from infant to preschoolers to middle schoolers many more adults and youth enter their lives to help them know that Jesus’ forgiveness, love mercy and grace is for them.

This year our Journey youth were guided by wonderful mentors as they contin-ued to unwrap and live their faith through the power of the Holy Spirit given to them in baptism. Through the practice of regular worship and yes sermon notes, we are able to hear the promises of God anew and over time, allow these promises to sink into our being, helping us to hear and live into the promises of God and serving others. Thank you for your ministry!

* Indicates youth who are active and involved in Journey Ministry

Sarah Best*
Aimee Jeranek
Arline Rasmuaaen
Jennifer Metke
Tara Schmidt
Tammy Widowski
Mike Kurtz-Recorder