A Message From Deacon Sherie

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
There is no easy way to describe the events of the past two months except by saying it was gut- wrenching. Pastor Darin’s resignation, and the letters sent out by him as well as Council left us with more questions than answers. However, Council responded to the needs of the congregation by holding Forums, a very intentional way to be as transparent as they could with the congregation as they told their side of the story.
There is no denying that it was and remains a very difficult moment in the life of this congregation. Some of our brothers and sisters may still be feeling unsure of what the future holds for them here. Remember in the darkest moments of life God is at God’s best. In faith we recognize that God continues to have a plan for Our Savior’s, a very good plan. God is our Good Shepherd; a shepherd, who loves us, protects us and guides us out of harm’s way. And who likewise will give us eyes to see and a heart to believe that God’s goodness and mercy are with us always.
While God has not revealed God’s whole plan, bits and pieces have begun to be seen. Transparency from leadership is the start and that will continue. While some may have concerns that Council has not told the whole truth, the fact of the matter is, they are being as truthful as possible without crossing personnel boundaries. If you have further questions any Council member or myself is available to listen to your concerns and talk with you.
Having Pastor Paul with us throughout the month of June has been another key factor. Moreover knowing that Paul Erickson, Bishop of The Greater Milwaukee Synod wants to help us heal and become the best church Christ intends us to be brings reassurance. Additionally Pastor Kristen Nielsen, who is part of the Bishop’s staff, has been our rock of support. She will continue to walk with us as we go through the progression to call a new pastor. And in the not too distant future we will also have the leadership and support of an Interim Pastor.
However, for Our Savior’s to become the church Christ envisions us to be, we need to keep the faith as well as be willing to be part of the process going forward. Each of us, from the very young to the young of heart, need to be part of telling, being and doing gospel work. In other words we need to be church together!
The Holy Spirit reveals Christ’s presence to us giving us faith and courage to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow God’s kingdom within our hearts and the hearts of folks we haven’t’ had the opportunity to meet yet. And remember, we are not on this journey alone; the Holy Spirit is holding us close and we have one another to lean on for support and encourage-ment.
How can you be of help? First and foremost please continue to worship regularly. Moreover, hold the congregation in your prayers to help us realize that our cup is not half empty but overflowing with God’s never failing love, grace, and mercy.
Secondly don’t be afraid to take a step out of your comfort zone. Volunteer to lend a hand with one area of ministry; Lawn Care (grass cutters), Interior Renovation (painting), be part of Council (currently there are 3 positions that have been vacant for over a year), be a Sunday School teacher, assist with Youth Activities, consider being part of the CSS Praise Team, share your abilities with the Tech Crew at the 10:15am service and the list could continue. Do you have an idea for ministry, feel free to talk with me and let’s get it started. Remember together we can move forward!
May the Lord continue to transform us through the power of the Holy Spirit!
Deacon Sherie