Dear Friends,

There probably isn’t enough paper and ink to say “Thank You” to everybody who needs thanking at Our Savior’s, but let’s give it a whirl. With Holy Week and Easter Sunday I am grateful to our staff. Kelly and Deacon Sherie worked diligently and creatively to set our congregation up for powerful worship and wonderful celebration.

Thank you to our talented and hardworking musicians. They do more than sing and play their instruments at worship. They prepare for worship with many hours of practice each week; the results are wonderful.

Thank you to everybody who gave their time to cook, to set up the worship space and fellowship hall for Easter worship and Easter breakfast. Thanks also to everyone who served at and cleaned up from the breakfast.

I am grateful for ushers, communion assistants, and office volunteers who help make worship happen week after week.

Thank you to you for your offerings – God turns them in to our varied ministries.

All year long there are people who work behind the scenes so that we may gather for worship and other events at Our Savior’s. From snow removal and yard work, to setting up the altar (and even more than I am naming here) there are many jobs and many people who do them!

Thank you to our Sunday School teachers and Journey guides who have a hand in handing the faith down to our kids.

Of course, there are more people who step up when needs arise, often going unnamed and unseen. For them I also give thanks.

All of these – all of you – are vital parts of our life and mission together here at Our Savior’s. Thank You!

Pastor Darin