Dear friends, 

The season of Lent if approaching fast. As early as the mid-fourth century, Christians have observed a time of preparation before the Easter celebration. The Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days. The forty days of Lent recall the 40 day fast of Jesus in the wilderness after his baptism (Matthew 4:2, Luke 4:1-2) and Moses’ 40 day fast on Mount Sinai (Exodus 34:28). It is a time of simplicity and preparation. 

Typically, we use the time of Lent to focus on Christ, whose death of the Cross frees us from our sin and even from death itself. It is also a time to look deeper into faith in Christ. That is exactly what we’ll be doing in our Wednesday night Lenten worship services. Our worship will focus on key aspects of Christ’s ministry in our world, than and now. 

We will take stock in the cost Christ paid for our salvation and how we are called and equipped to live that faith out now. 

All Lenten worship services begin at 7pm starting with Ash Wednesday on March 6th and ending on April 10. 

I hope that this will not seem like just one more thing to add to an already busy list for you. Rather, I hope it will be a time to stop, rest, and reflect during your regular schedule. 

Please gather with us at 7 pm on these Wednesday evenings. I look for-ward to worshipping with you. 

Pastor Darin