A Word of Thanks

Hello, marvelous members of OSLC West Bend!

I cannot thank you enough for your incredibly warm welcome of me this last Sunday. On behalf of my wife Clare and our children Zora and Isaac, I give thanks to God for your willingness to take a chance on me serving as your Bridge Pastor.

As I said on Sunday, we don’t know how long this relationship will last, but I believe that—no matter if we’re together for three months or ten months—the Holy Spirit will lead us to a place of understanding, excitement, and inspiration.

I am so very impressed by Deacon Sherie and Kelly Strosin, your dedicated and invested staff. They are introducing me to your ministry, and we are ready to move forward as a team to love and serve God in this place. I plan to do as much reaching out to members as I can in the coming weeks. If you would like to set up a phone or in-person meeting, please feel free to call the OSLC office or email me at pastordr@oslcwb.org. I am looking forward to meeting you, praying with you, and hearing your story.

Due to the rise in COVID cases and deaths in Wisconsin and Illinois I am wearing my mask indoors and doing my best not to bring anything up from Evanston. Also, I am living in my parents’ lower level and trying very hard not to bring the virus into their home. If you cannot meet outside for a walk, or by phone, let’s meet privately in the sanctuary or fellowship hall where there’s plenty of space for distance and air flow.

Again, my sincere gratitude to you all. I look forward to worshipping together this Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent!

God’s peace, strength, and joy to you!

Pastor Daniel