Breaking the Chains

BREAKING THE CHAINS is the new ELCA congregation in the Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Center in Milwaukee. The “inside” congregation are the men who are on their way back to home, families, communities and a new life they hope to begin with the help of God and others who care about them. The “outside” congregation are those who worship, study and pray together with the men to give them encouragement, faith and love for their new journey.

Following is a note from their Pastor Mark Thompson and the BtC Steering Committee:

“To the People of Our Savior’s West Bend,

Breaking the Chains is appreciative of our partnership in the Gospel. Thank you for your financial support of this ministry. May God bless us, everyone!”

Personally signed by Pastor Mark and the BtC Steering Committee with great gratitude: Angela Hexon, Tom & Gail Osterfield, David & Nancy Slinde, Brian Ziller, Pastor Marilyn Miller, Pastor Mary Martha Kannass

Each week, OSLC will feature a brief narrative of the Breaking the Chains ministry.

#3 From Pastor Mark: During a Saturday evening worship, one of the visitors shared very humbly and appropriately a bit of their own journey toward sobriety. The sharing, done in the Biblical context of the Sermon on the Mount, allowed several of the men to share personal details about their lives. A few of us present were reminded of Moses at the burning bush: “Take off your shoes, for you are standing on holy ground.” Holy ground can even be in a prison!