Hey Our Saviors Gang;

Herb Justman here with your Call Committee update.

Just tonight we had another meeting, via Zoom, which again, did not disappoint…..a new way of communication in this ever changing world.

We just got done with our meeting tonight, and are off to a great start! We all came prepared and ready to go with questions for upcoming interviews. Please let it be known, that among many other topics, the top 5 interests from the compiled Zeidler Group forums were included.

We fine tuned questions, added some, but just letting you know, as a group, we were all on the same page, and worked amazing together.

Please also know, that we want, and will give you updates as progress continues, and this all is a bit of work, it will take time, BUT we are working hard to get the best results.

Our next meeting is already next week, giving us time to fine tune the questions we have, and putting them in order. Coming in the near future, which I promise to keep you informed, the Bishop is going to set us up with a “mock interview.” We will get to try our questions, see if we need to change any wording, and how a potential candidate would reply.

We also are going to start compiling some reference questions, so we are ready when we get to that step.


Same as last time, please pray for me, and the committee, to guide us to finding the best person for our community church.

Until next meeting,