Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Endowment Fund follows Christ’s great commission and is separate from the congregation’s general operating fund. This is in accordance with legal endowment fund practices. The Endowment fund supports Christian living in three areas: Community Outreach, ELCA church wide ministries, to enhance the mission of Our Savior’s.

Disbursement of up to 5% of the fund total each year to the designated are asabove are determined by the committee in the proportion designated by the Endowment Resolution to enhance the mission of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Each year the congregation’s input is elicited and appreciated.

The following ministries and approved disbursement have been selected:
$2,500 to Breaking Chains Ministry (3rd of 3 annual installments)
$5,000 for youth gathering
$2,986 towards Hephatha restoration of the boys and girls restrooms
$500 to Blue Lotus Farm and Retreat Center
$500 to Casa Guadalupe children’s literacy program
$1,908 towards classroom and computer room project at Tecualuya, El Salvador

Contributions to the Endowment Fund can be made as a cash contribution or as a partial beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, and/or annuity. The investment portfolio is carefully monitored in accordance with the investment policy and distributed in partnership with the donors wishes. Many thanks and blessings to those individuals that have provided part of their legacy to increase the giving of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Mission. If you would like more information, please contact Pastor Darin or ourcommittee members; David Weaver, Kevin Peters, Gretchen Vickney, Marilynn Orlopp, and John Engstrom.

Thank you to Randy Averill for his monitoring of this fund.