December 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

The season of Advent has begun and we find ourselves preparing for the coming of Jesus, on Christmas.  Our Advent theme this year is “Come Lord, Connect Us.”  We invite you to find connection through worship parking lot style, in the sanctuary socially distant wearing a mask or through online worship.  Links can be found on or webpage or on Our Savior’s Facebook. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Advent Food Drive.”  It warmed my heart every time I walked into the Narthex and saw the outpouring of giving.  The Full Shelf Food Pantry collection crew came to pick it up on Tuesday, Dec. 1 but could only manage to fill their van with about three-fourths of the donated items.  They were back on Thursday to collect the rest. 

On Friday, Dec. 4th we held “Lighting of the Tree” on the front lawn.  It was a change, but a wonderful change where we sang carols and enjoyed hot chocolate and blessed the tree together. We were able to be with family, friends and community as we shared in this new Advent experience.  If you attended, I would love to hear your thoughts on this event.   

   Care ~ Share ~ Connect by spreading joy and warming hearts two hands at a time in the West Bend community.  The Church Council is sponsoring a “Hat and Mitten Tree” that we are hoping you will help us fill with hat and mitten tags.  

How can you help fill the tree?  Donate hats and mittens for all ages by dropping them in the decorated boxes by the tree.  When you donate an item or a few pick a cut out ornament and hang it on the tree. Each ornament represents an item donated.  Our goal is to fill the tree by December 20th but we can only do that if we all work together. Donations will be given to various organizations in Washington County. 

Another way you can support the community is through Family Promise.  Family Promise is looking for sponsors to adopt a family or individual. Contact them at 262-353-9304.  Additionally, you might consider calling, local Assisted Living or Nursing Homes to see if there is a need that you could help with. Let each us be the light that helps spread joy and hope this Advent season. 

If you would like to attend Christmas services in person, we are asking you to call the church office to make reservations for either the 3pm or 5 pm Christmas Eve service and/or for the 10 am Christmas Day Service.  All services will be available parking lot style or on Facebook.   


Please welcome Pastor Daniel Ruen to OSLC as our Bridge Pastor.  He has been with us since Nov 22nd.  Feel free to stop in and say hello if you haven’t had a chance or give him a call through the church office.  He’s in the office, Monday, Tuesday and ½ a day on Wednesdays.   

We are blessed beyond measure as Playful Hearts opened their doors Monday, November 30.   It is wonderful to have the sound of children in the church again.    Clint and Jessica Howe have given the Child Care Center a much-needed facelift both inside and outside.  We look forward to being able to give you a tour in the not too distant future.

Council along with deacon Sherie and Pastor Daniel have created a COVID plan for OSLC which you will find accompanying this letter.  Please take a moment to read it and share any concerns you might have. 

If you have not turned in your Stewardship card feel free to mail it into the church office or drop it off in the offering plate.  If you have any questions contact the church office.

Ten young adults Affirmed their Baptism this past month.  In faith we promised to continue to walk with them as we grow in faith together. 

Our dedicated Call Committee continues to working with the Synod to find a permanent pastor with the right fit for OSLC.  

As I close, I would like to say that now more than ever I am thankful for our congregation. We have had many obstacles this year that we had to work though, but it seems that because we have worked together, respected each other and put others needs first we were able to overcome!  While we have learned a lot, we still have more to learn and overcome.  With God’s guidance, love and support we will make it through. I believe our faith has grown stronger in these difficult times and our future is bright.  

Come Lord, Connect Us.                                                                                                                          

Have a wonderful & blessed Advent!

Arline Rasmussen

OSLC Church President