Hephatha Needs Your Help!

This December update is to let you know current ministries and needs. Please choose to help in areas that are do-able for you. The cleaning supplies and winter collections (sox, etc) will also continue all winter. You can put them in the bin or in the mission corner in the West entry. We make deliveries to specific organizations with requested needs on a planned route in Milwaukee. Your generous donations help many with significant needs. Any questions or concerns, contact Nancy at dandnslinde@aol.com

Benedict Center Sisters Ministry:
Clean and gently used winter coats and gloves, mittens, hats for women

Strong Baby Sanctuary: Ongoing need for diapers (newborn – toddlers, special need = size 6), wipes and gently used baby items

Winter ministry in general: Socks, gloves, mittens, hats, underwear (all sizes). Snack items for Tuesday Praise families to be given out monthly. It is routine during non COVID times to give out weekly snack bags; now some sort of goodie bag will be provided monthly.

Blankets and quilts:
Adult blankets and quilts for the elderly and baby blankets for newborns and toddlers.

Confirmation classes have 20 youth and 5 supporting adults participating. Prayer cards, crosses or other items that could deepen our young people’s faith are welcomed.

For more information about Hephatha on all their ministries, go to www.hephatha100.com.