The 2018 school year ends in November and December in El Salvador. The 2019 year for elementary/middle (K-9), high school and higher education begins in January. Now is the time for us at OSLC to begin plans for the continued support of current students and the inclusion of new students at Fe y Esperanza.

We have established a legacy with our sister church to improve the lives of children, youth, families, communities and the church itself. Through education, we provide encouragement so children can complete their basic program through 9th grade and continue on for a better future.

Every member of Our Savior’s Church is invited to donate to this ministry with a gift of $150. More specific information will be sent in a letter in October for current sponsors.

We have witnessed that education is the only way to move from poverty to success. Together we can empower this experience for our brothers and sisters at Fe y Esperana.

Please direct donations to the attention of Kelly Strosin – Church Office for Scholarship Account 8007. For more information about this program, please contact Kelly at the office (334-9551).