Family Promise September Ministry Week

Thank you to all who helped in many ways:

Set-up & takedown
Pat Groth
Ty, Hunter & Eli Jeranek
Chuck Palnperin
Rob & Herman Schmidt
Todd Vance

Kris Groth
Audrey Hamann
Peggy Schmidt
Nancy Slinde

Pat & Kris Groth
David & Nancy Slinde

Kris Groth
Marilynn Orlopp
Joan Peterson
Nancy Slinde

OSLC cannot do this ministry without you. We need more volunteers for fellowship and overnight. The service is easy and the personal rewards are great.

Please contact Joan Peterson (, David and Nancy Slinde ( or the church office for more information or to just say,
“Yes, l can do it'”

A big thank you to the women who made the beautiful pillows for our church ministries. Each woman (4) received a blue pattern pillow and the four little girls
received a whimsical child’s pillow. All of the recipients immediately hugged their pillow and loved its softness. They appreciated this gift. Thank you also to Audrey Hamann for the “busy bags” for the girls.

You all are a blessing for the Family Promise guests.