Wednesday August 8th was a beautiful summer day at Blue Lotus Farm for our celebration of ministry and friendship with Hephatha Church.

Thank you to all who donated supplies, food, time and energy to make our Picnic Retreat a blessing for all our guests and volunteers.

To our OSLC friends, we appreciate you!
Carolyn Casey
Janet Ehn
Mary Endlich
Lynne Griffith
Sherie Kruse
Ron & Sherrill Leifer
Lori Muench
Dick & Marilynn Orlopp
Chuck Pamperin
Joan Petersen
Dave Schlehlein
Barb Villwock
Pr. Wiebe

We give thanks also for our volunteers from St. Luke’s in Greendale – Heather May and Brian & Kayhla Ziller; and for the Intern Staff from J.W. Speaker in Germantown.

Save August 7 on your 2019 calendar for the next Hephatha Picnic at Blue Lotus.
And thanks to all for your prayers for a safe and good weather day.
David & Nancy