An Invitation from Hephatha Lutheran Church

Dear Mission Partners of Our Savior’s,
Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel with us. You make a daily difference in our life of faith on 18th and Locust!
We pray for you with thanks before God on a regular basis!

We hope you can join us for our annual Mission Partner Appreciation Day on Saturday, November 4th at 3:00 pm.
We will share in worship and then serve dinner and share in fellowship. Our time together will conclude by 5:30 pm.

Please RSVP by October 31st for our food planning purposes. If you miss the RSVP date, PLEASE COME ANYWAY AND BRING OTHERS! We never run out of food.

Please share this invitation widely and know how we desire your presence among us on this day of extending gratitude to you, our faithful partners — we could not do it without you!

God’s peace to you,
Pastor Mary Martha Kannass

Note: please make your RSVP to David or Nancy Slinde. We will send it to Pastor Mary Martha at Hephatha. This will also help with the possibility of car-pooling.