Our Savior’s Faithful:

Hey all, to keep the communication open as much as we can, now that we have the choice to go inside for service, I’ll also be trying to give a congregational update in person too. For those of you unable to listen on your radio in the parking lot, or to be there in person, this will continue to be a means of your updates as well. 

We have had candidates come forward, and the interview process has been done. As it does happen, and we were ready for, different circumstances happened, and the candidates took different callings. 

So, what happens now……the Synod reopens the available candidates, and sees who would be potential leaders for our church family. 

When a potential candidate has been found, the Call Committee takes it to the Church Council, then if agreed upon, it comes forward to a congregational vote. 

Yes, it’s all quite a process, but we are getting there. 

Please continue to pray for us all to find a great fit for our community church!!!!