Hey Our Saviors Friends,

Herb Justman here with another Call Committee update!!

It’s 7:45 Tuesday evening May 12th, and we just got done with our “Mock” interview, with a very nice lady, Pastor Gail. She is a retired pastor that was willing to go through our set list of questions that we will be asking potential candidates. Pastor Gail was great at answering the questions, but also giving some great advice along the way.

Kelly Winker made up Evaluation forms for us, to make comments on each question asked, and how they responded. We can “grade” each question on a number scale, but also making side notes along the way……like things you do/don’t like, things you agree or don’t, and different things you pick up on along the way.

After the mock interview, we asked that she give a closing prayer, then we all had a few comments and questions about how it all went. We then gave many thanks, and she excused herself from the meeting. The Call Committee went right to work and we chatted about how good some things went and even some questions we will add, and some questions to get the wording just right. All in all, it was a great step in the process.

Now comes the exciting part gang…………Debbie will be reaching out to the Assistant Bishop, Pastor Kristen, to let all candidates know we are ready for interviews. It will take her a bit of time to set it all up, so we were in total agreement to hopefully start interviews after Memorial weekend. Now keep praying, and have your fingers crossed, but our thinking was that by then, we could actually do the interviews in………..do I dare say it……….PERSON!!!!!!

We are on our way, but much work to be done.

Thank you ALL for praying for us on the Call Committee, and please take a quick minute, to KEEP praying for us.