On May 6th

Outreach for Hope supports crucial ministries in congregations of low income neighborhoods in the Greater Milwaukee Synod ELCA. These ministries provide help with daily necessities and are centers of hope for the residents.

Maripat Monahan of this Synod ministry will join us for worship and conversation on Sunday, May 6 to tell us more about the mission, vision, programs of OfH, the annual Bike Ride in September in Ozaukee County, and be part of our Blessing of Bikes (and other wheels).

Outreach for Hope encourages people to give generously for ministries that serve Lutheran congregations whose people live in poverty. From its beginning in 1988, the Greater Milwaukee Synod has been committed to serving the poor. To grow that commitment, the Synod established the Outreach Fund as an integral part of its ministry plan. In 2005, the Outreach Fund became “Outreach for Hope, Inc.”, a separate non-profit to increase opportunities for ministry with the poor.

Through this Outreach, individuals are given hope, community is built among God’s people, God’s Word and the sacraments share God’s love and peace.