Dear Friends,

Plenty of folks in our community (most of them aged 5 – 18 years old) are taking part of a vital countdown. The countdown until the day school gets out and the freedom of summer springs with hope and joy. My own family and I are counting down the days until we travel to Columbus, OH for our youngest daughter’s college graduation. It certainly is a wonderful time!

Of course, the Church rolls on, even in summer. God’s Word is proclaimed and the Lord’s Supper is shared in weekly worship. We’ll be hosting Threshold’s summer youth program throughout the summer. Our middle schoolers will be taking part in a summer service camp, based right out of the building and reaching into our communities. This is an active, vital congregation all year round.

I urge you to make worship part of your summer plans. I also urge you to make your offerings a part of your summer plans as well. Thank you for your faithfulness! Have a fantastic summer!


Pastor Darin