2017-18 Sunday School Year

Using the theme “Shining with Faith” our children along with our teachers and mentors encouraged relationships with God and one other to be nurtured. There are so many examples of how our children are shining with faith. I’ve seen and heard then use their words in kind manners when talking to others. They’ve reached out when someone was having a bad day. They’ve lent a hand, shared their laughter and smiles, and strengthened their friendship with God and each other. A huge “Thank You” to all our volunteers who let their faith shine in our education ministries.

Little Lambs & Ark Builders
June Kruger
Rachel Shied
Amy Mangan-Fischer

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades
Aimee Roche-Steldt
Becca Schied
Stephanie Hundt

3rd & 4th Grade
Brooke Armstrong
Bethany Hamann
Stephanie Yahr

 5th Grade
Jen Spors

Breakfast Conversations 6th, 7th & 8th Grade
Chris Dorst

2017-18 Journey Mentors
Angie Wickus
Tammy Widowski
Aimee Jeranek
Danielle Vollendorf
Pastor Darin Sherie Kruse
Shari Schmelbeck
Skylar Vollendorf
Tara Schmidt