Greetings Our Savior’s families,
As holidays arrive, election counting continues, and COVID looms, many families are dealing with anxiety. If you are one of those families, you are not alone. Parents, teens, and children are navigating new and uncharted waters. So to help, I have linked the article 3 Simple, At-Home Exercises for Anxietywritten by Jason Gibson. (Just click on the name of the article to view it.) 
There are  three strategies to help your child or teen or even yourself work through anxiety.   I’ve used “Name It to Tame It”  and found it helpful in calming my thought process when it feels overloaded.   Perhaps you will find these techniques for reducing anxiety helpful. 
My favorite stress reducing technique is using a Breath Prayer.  Slowly breathing in as you whisper words aloud and then slowly breathing out as you finish the mantra.  Do this over and over.  Allow yourself to feel God’s peace and presence fill you with the Holy Spirit.    
Deep breath in as            Slowly exhale as
you say these words         you say these words 

“Lord,                        have mercy on me.”

Loving God,                 Show your power.”

When I am afraid,          I will trust you Lord

Not my will,                 but yours.

Come,                       Lord Jesus.

Be still and know           that I am God