THANK YOU for Hephatha’s Strong Baby Sanctuary Ministry

Our first drive-thru collection was a great success! We had cheerful and generous donors who were met by cheerful and efficient volunteers. The process was smooth and fun. Plus it was a beautiful spring day to be outside and enjoying a new form of ministry.

Donations included diapers, wipes, baby bottles and nipples, shampoo, wash and lotion, along with baby food and clothing, seats, a play pad, toys.

Packets of wipes totaled 65 and total of diapers was 1,925.  Thank you to our donors who with open hearts have helped to support mothers to keep their babies safe and healthy.

The main goal of Strong Baby Sanctuary is to decrease the infant death rate in Milwaukee. Too many African American infants die before their first birthday and children from 2 to 3 years old are at high risk from unsafe sleeping practices. The program teaches new mothers and pregnant women healthy parenting skills for their children and themselves.

Thank you to all who donated and to our wonderful volunteers: Brooke & Megan Armstrong, Sherie Kruse, Rich & Isaac Schmidt, David & Nancy Slinde, and Kelly Winkler.

If you would like to learn more about the Strong Baby Sanctuary, contact Nancy at 262-339-0030.