Dear Our Savior’s,

We pray this finds you in good health and strong faith.  The picture above serves as a greeting of gratitude in the Gospel to you. 

We gathered on March 10 for Tuesday Praise.  This is our weekly children’s faith group.  We have been meeting for 29 years, learning from and sharing with our children the love of God and the gift of the Gospel.   March 10th was Parish Nurse Chris’ birthday and we had balloons, cupcakes, Culver’s burgers, chocolate milk and a present.   Children and adults streamed in, including Nurse Chris’ 84 year old mother and her 5 year old granddaughter.   We opened in prayer and then shared our faith lesson and our birthday time.

We had the best time as we celebrated life and faith.   We did not realize that this would be our last Tuesday Praise session face to face for quite some time.  We just were enjoying what was unfolding in the sanctuary.  (In late autumn and again in early winter we shared thousands of dollars of SPARK Bibles with our children, therefore, many of the children have such a Bible in their homes and can now follow along with the You Tube Tuesday Praise lesson at home.)

The very next day we would come to realize that we would not be able to keep people safe in our building.  We would need to change our mode of being in the Gospel for the sake of people’s lives.  We would need to cancel the food pack, move worship to online format, find a way forward in a time of great upset and public health crisis.  Within less than a week, our council president’s husband would be in ICU at Froedtert, dying from COVID-19.

And within a short period of time, you would also be making your way into a new mode of being for ministry and you would be reaching to us more deeply for the sake of sharing the Gospel in our community where COVID-19 has been striking harder and deeper than most communities.

THANK YOU for your many gifts shared with us in all seasons and in this season of pandemic!   Your offerings for us, $3,000 earlier toward lead-free water pitchers, hygiene packs, food, blankets, diapers, wipes, prayers, encouragement…..are combined with all the offerings available to us for the work that is needed in this time.   Our nurses began to arrange deliveries of diapers, toilet paper, formula, food, baby wipes, and $100 bills to 30 family units covering some 83 children of our Strong Baby Sanctuary.  (Many of those families are in the picture above.)    A second delivery of the same content, again done in safe social distancing mode, would follow 2-3 weeks later.   A third is being arranged at this time.   For our families and our community hit so hard by this virus and by so many forms of oppression, these gifts are both life-saving (a time to stay in instead of risk exposure going out) and a sign of God’s mercy in circumstances that are cruel. 

Our Savior’s, there are many things we will want to forget about this time of the pandemic.  One thing we will remember always is you stepping forward to strengthen us in care for our families before we even asked. In so doing, you reminded us of how God works and you helped us do the same for our families with small children: before they asked, we offered….diapers and food and a special gift are on their way…stay put….stay safe…stay in good faith…someone is going to bring these items to you….God loves you so much and so does the church.   

Thank you for sharing God’s goodness among us. 

God’s peace and our love,

Pastor Mary Martha Kannass