Dear Friends,

What do you think of when you think of Lent? Maybe you think of giving up something enjoyable or focusing on Christ’s cross. Have you noticed the great emphasis we put on the repentance of sins during Lent? It may seem like heavy, dark time as we spend time on inward focus on our sin and guilt.

During the very beginning of the ancient Christian Church Lent was developed as a time of rigorous preparation for baptism at Easter. As a matter of fact, baptisms occurred only at Easter in the ancient church. It was a time of repentance but it was also time for a subdued celebration for the great, unfettered joy of being linked to the death and resurrection of Christ, the Risen Lord through baptism.

How will you help Lent in your setting be a time of anticipation and restrained celebration, an encounter with Christ who comes to us in word and meal no matter what season of the church year it is?

During this season of Lent, our worship will lead us to the covenants God has made with his people throughout the Scriptures. We’ll hear of promise, transformation, and blessing.

Then, on Easter morning, we’ll be all geared up to fully and completely experience the joy of Christ’s rising from the dead and giving us new life.

Besides our regular weekend worship, we’ll also gather for worship on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM.

Our lives are crazy busy. I encourage you to see Wednesday nights as not just one more thing to do.

Rather, see it as a time to step out of the business in order to rest in God’s goodness.


Pastor Darin