Herb Justman here with another Call Committee update,

As I type, we just got done with yet another meeting just minutes ago, and YES AGAIN ON ZOOM!!! While these Zoom meetings work great, it will be a true blessing to have a personal, live, face to face meeting again!!!!!

With that being said, it looks like for the foreseeable future, this will how our business will be conducted, that including, interviews, 2nd interviews, and reference checks.

Tonights meeting we got all our questions in a tidy order that we all felt comfortable with. Starting easy, and getting to the meaty questions at the middle and end. We also organized our reference questions we will be asking, again with the whole committee in total agreement.

Debbie will be getting in touch this week, with the Bishop office, for possible dates for our next step in the process….. a “Mock Interview”. They will set up a random pastor, not looking for new employment, to stand in for an interview we conduct. This way before we get to the real interviews, we will see what questions work and may not, or maybe to re-work or re-word some things, so we are totally ready when the real interviews begin.

So, if you don’t get an update from me in the next week or two, please don’t “freak out”, and think I/we forgot about you, it’s just we have to all find a date that works, so it may be next week, or may be in 3 weeks.

Please know that the entire Call Committee has been in total agreement to keep the communication open to the congregation.


Yes, same thing, but still very needed,,,,,,,PRAY for me, and pray for the committee, to help guide us on this exciting journey!!!!