Hey Congregation;

Herb Justman here, hope you all are doing well, and staying safe!!

You’ve elected me to be on the Call Committee, and I’ve been elected by the committee to be the “Communication” person to keep you all informed on the exciting progress, in the search for our new Pastor.

I just finished serving on the CORE Committee, and hope you all got as much out of it all as I did, with the 3 open sessions. The Zeidler Group compiled all the info, along with the MET Team, to help guide us on our way.

Just this week, the Call Committee did a ZOOM meeting…..which is basically FaceTime, but wayyyyyy cooler. The meeting was led by Rev. Kristin Nelson, she is the Assistant to the Bishop for Congregations in Mission of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA. Kristen gave us guidelines and certain rules to follow, and then we are on our way.

This whole process from beginning to hire, is quite a lot of work, and yes, it takes a bit of time. The more involved I’ve become, I honestly believe we are doing this the best way, for the best outcome.

Moving forward, I was going to get up in front of church, for each service, and give you a weekly/biweekly/monthly/as needed updates. The goal is to keep the communication open to all members, so you know as well, where we are in this process……BUT with things the way they are, I will for now, be doing update in this newsletter. Our Call committee all loved the ZOOM meeting, and going forward we will have our future meetings this way, until the happy time we can meet face to face.

Our next meeting will be April 14th. If at any time we run into a problem, Rev. Nelson will be open to help guide us. Our homework is to review the Call Process Manual, as outlined by the Greater Milwaukee Synod, as well as the Orientation Outline that was giving to the committee, along with the Ministry Site Profile. We are to then think and bring questions we’d like to ask potential candidates.

Here’s your homework congregational friends…………..

Please pray for me personally, and for the 5 others on this committee, please pray that God will lead us in finding the best person to move us forward in a positive way!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Herb Justman

p.s. The committee also elected Co-chairs to lead meetings and a secretary.

Debbie Butschlick Chair of Call Committee

Bob Porath Co Chair

Kerry Winker Secretary

Lynn Schroeder

Pete Schroeder

Herb Justman