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Youth Ministry at Our Savior’s serves 6th – 12th grade students as they continue on their faith formation journey and discover how God calls us to live out faith outside the walls of a church building. Ministry opportunities include: a high school summer trip, Confirmation camp, athletic partnership with the Lutheran Teen Athletic Association, Journey (Confirmation class), monthly outings, Breakfast Conversations, and more.


If you walk into our building on a Wednesday night you may witness a group of 6th, 7th and 8th graders wearing oversized gloves and glasses smeared with soap while racing to change a diaper on a doll. Don’t be concerned! They’re just experiencing what it must have been like for Abraham and Sarah to have a baby as they neared their own 100th birthdays.

The Journey confirmation ministry is an extension of God’s gift of baptism. It is designed to hand down the Christian faith to youth in a way that engages their unique minds and senses of humor. It presents biblical, Lutheran faith in ways that allow our youth to embrace Christ as part of their everyday lives.

Check out this fun video to see a wild description of re:form, the curriculum we use.

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Middle School Breakfast Conversations

Our Middle School youth are invited to join us from 9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. during the school year for Breakfast Conversations. We enjoy hot chocolate and snacks, play games and engage in devotions and conversations focused on how God is at work in their lives as they face the challenges of being young people today.

Confirmation Camp

Confirmation camp is a great place for 6th, 7th, & 8th graders to explore their Christian faith. At Imago Dei Village, near Clintonville, campers get to enjoy all camp has to offer, including canoeing, swimming, all camp activity, a campout and so much more. Youth will have faith-filled conversations with their counselor. They will leave strengthened for service in their congregation, schools and communities.  Pastor Darin and Sherie look forward to joining the youth on this adventure every year.

High School Mission Trip

Our Savior’s engages the faith of our high school students by offering an annual summer mission trip.  We have delivered meals to shut-ins in New York City, stocked food pantry shelves and cleaned beaches in San Francisco, served hot meals in Minneapolis, cleaned up after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans as well as many other projects which have put us face to face with Jesus as we served “the least of these”, his sisters and brothers.  These faith shaping events also include adventures and activities in the areas we visit.

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